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Who We Serve

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

These tough minded, independent spirits spend their time focused each day on doing better today than they did yesterday. They're innovative, savvy, yet deeply caring people. They typically are very interested in minimizing the impact of taxes on all levels throughout their often complex financial worlds. They are not just big thinkers; they're big on getting things done. Where other people see problems and obstacles, these innovative, yet tenacious folks see opportunities to provide value to an under served marketplace. They are leaders at work, at home, in their communities, and in charitable causes. They're a different breed alright, but they see that as a compliment.

Challenges Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Face
  • I’m struggling to find the right person to take over or buy the company. Should I be looking for an internal candidate or possibly on external buyer?
  • Now that I have that figured out, what is the best exit / transition strategy ensuring lasting success for all vested parties?
  • What are the most cost effective qualified plan options which can help me lower my taxable income while providing effective retirement savings options for my employees?
  • I have this key person in my organization, and I would like to know the best ways to not only retain them, but to reward their performance while incentivizing them to be even more effective.
  • These key people are critical to our success, but I need help implementing the best strategies to protect the business if they were to leave either due to death, disability, or simply get stolen by a competitor.
  • I have got find a way to better accumulate assets in a tax favored manner that can provide me with tax-free income in retirement.
  • How can I best structure and run my business in order to minimize all my taxes, including income, future capital gains, and future estate taxes?
What to Watch Out For

One of the biggest concerns we see with these clients is both the unwillingness and sometimes the inability of these people to let loose of the reigns. As these people typically are used to succeeding by following their instincts, often times they are reluctant not only to fully share their financial condition with advisers, but they also struggle to trust advisers who are truly experienced in the best ways to be of service to them on financial matters. Resisting this temptation to micromanage the core of their personal financial economy can provide a tremendous advantage. Clinging to retain control over this item, which is typically not their strong suit, can add to the disarray in their personal financial well being. These pros get phenomenal results when they're doing what grew their business. With the right financial advisery relationship, their time can be freed up to do what they do best: continue to grow their business, keeping them from getting bogged down with managing the details of their personal financial matters.

Our Philosophy

We believe that with a little trust in the right advisers taking an independent approach to problem solving, these professionals will often times see a significant improvement in their financial well being due to efficiencies they may have not been introduced to in the past. Coupled with the substantial resources these people typically have control of, these added efficiencies can typically add a tremendous amount of hidden value for these people, their families, and their organizations.

If our Business Owners & Entrepreneurs services seem like they may be a fit for your needs, please Contact Open Range Today to interview us and learn more.