Asset Management

Asset management is one of Open Range’s core service offerings and one of the most critical ways in which clients are assisted in organizing and taking control of their financial lives.

If you would like to:

  • Reduce the number of investments you are responsible for tracking, managing, and accounting for;
  • Not have to worry about commissions when investment products are purchased or sold;
  • Target a more consistent rate of return;
  • Make sure all your assets – from your real estate and retirement plans to your bank account and Social Security – are working together, and
  • have a high degree of confidence cash flows from investments will last throughout your life, then

... we should talk.

At Open Range, our focus is based around life-long strategies designed to achieve your specific financial goals, whatever they may be. Through the proper allocation and monitoring of assets, Open Range strives to reduce overall volatility of investments while targeting more consistent returns year after year.

As you would find when reviewing the trillions of dollars invested in Pension plans, Foundations and Endowments, the team at Open Range takes the same methodical approach to our investment strategy with your investment assets.

Pension Plans are designed to provide consistent income benefits to hundreds or even thousands of participants year after year. Just because the economy goes into a recession (which will happen from time to time), or Congress or the President seem to be at odds with one another, they can’t just “sell everything and move to cash” – they have to continue to pay income benefits to pensioners.

How do they do it? Proper diversification is a big part of the answer and is a critical component to a well-structured investment plan. Having exposure to multiple asset classes (stocks, bonds, alternative investments, cash, etc.) can make a huge difference as we manage through crazy politicians and the market volatility brought on by economic cycles.

While the use of a comprehensive technique called Asset Allocation is not unique to Open Range, having a Team of professionals on top of investment allocation, selecting market sectors to both increase and decrease exposure to, and regularly implementing execution for you can be invaluable.

If you would like to review how we are positioning assets now please review our latest Quarterly Newsletter.

If you are interested in having a team of professionals comprehensively manage your investment assets in harmony with both your short and long term financial goals, please contact Open Range today to interview us and learn more.