Financial Goal Planning

Today, many people are so busy dealing with the challenges of day-to-day life the hardly have time to think about the next month; let alone retirement, education, cash flow, insurance, estate planning and other items we all know should be a priority.

At Open Range Financial Group we serve as your Family CFO and focus on the creation, implementation, and ongoing strategy in your financial life.

Open Range Financial Group strongly believes Financial Planning is a life-long process that, when done correctly, allows you and your family to take control of your financial future. By establishing high level financial goals, developing and implementing strategy designed to reach those goals, and then monitoring progress and adjusting strategy on a regular basis, the likelihood of you accomplishing your goals is greatly increased.

Through the use of our dynamic, Financial Planning tool –eMoney, our Team provides you real-time access to your, insurance, estate planning, investment, cash flow, retirement, education 24/7 – online and updated daily!

By working with our team to develop a financial plan, you and your family will enjoy:

  • a better understanding of your current financial situation;
  • The ability to know specifically what needs to happen for you to achieve your financial goals.
  • Have “Plan B”: A strategy to adjust when goals or financial conditions change.
  • Have the necessary financial resources set aside to fund your goals as they occur.
  • Reduce the impact of unexpected events, such as a medical condition, disability, auto accident, house fire or even premature death.

If our Financial Planning services seem like they may be a fit for your needs, please contact Open Range Financial Group today to interview us and learn more.

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