Your parents had limited access to investment information and may have even used a “stock broker”. Then came the Internet.

Investments are never an afterthought at Open Range Financial Group, but we recognize how the changing investment landscape has commoditized this piece of your financial life.

You have access to a range products and services that remove some of the guesswork from investing, and with increasing regulations and public scrutiny of investment managers, you are more protected than ever.

But our clients too are busy changing the world to invest for themselves. For that reason, Open Range Financial Group provides cost-effective, fee-based investment services designed to save you time, while upholding our fiduciary obligation to you. We apply the following disciplined practices when investing your money for the long-term:

  • Your financial education is essential to long term financial success
  • Strict diversification and asset allocation according to historical risk-adjusted models
  • Active managed investments provide you the value of a tenured management team choosing companies that cover the broad spectrum of the market
  • The use of low-cost institutional mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Periodic rebalancing and professional oversight
  • A transparent fee structure

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