Asset Management: Employer Retirement Plans

Employer Retirement Plans

401(k) Employer Retirement PlansEmployer-Sponsored Retirement Plans Many employers provide retirement plans such as: 401(k), 401(a), 403(b), Pension Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, TSAs, 457 Plans and more.

Wading through the alphabet soup of retirement plans and knowing what to do or which retirement plan strategy is right for you can be challenging. The Open Range Team can assist you with specific advice and investment strategy for your retirement plan.

At Open Range, we offer comprehensive retirement plan services: Whether it’s assistance with managing an existing plan, working with assets at a previous employers’ retirement plan, or rolling over retirement assets into an IRA, we can walk through the steps with you, assist in completing paperwork, or simply handle the whole process on your behalf.

Our Employer Retirement Plan services include:

  • Calculating how much you need to contribute to your retirement plan to be able to retire in the time frame, and with the lifestyle, you desire.
  • Assuring your asset allocation / investment strategy reflects the goals of your overall financial plan.
  • Minimizing the tax impact when you retire and receive distributions from your account.
  • Consolidating IRAs and retirement plans to simplify your financial life and investment selection.
  • Developing a retirement income strategy designed to balance your income needs while focusing on preserving investment capital. The goal: A lifetime of income from investment assets.

If our Employer Retirement Plan services seem like they may be a fit for your needs, please contact Open Range today to interview us and learn more.