Financial Planning: Cash Flow Management

How Can I Ensure I Always Have Enough To Live Well?

As with virtually all financial matters, the key to a successful cash management program is to develop a systematic and disciplined approach. Unfortunately, having the time to create and manage a detailed cash flow strategy can be difficult. And as human beings, living in a world driven by advertising and spending, if there is money in the checkbook at the end of the month we will find a way to spend it.

When we graduated from school and got our first job we created a budget because we had real cash flow for the first time in our lives. As time passed and life became more complex we tended to stop tracking the details and focus on just the larger expenses.

The Team at Open Range is here to assist! By having visibility into spending patterns and cash flows our Team can help you leverage your current income and parlay that into a comfortable retirement, decrease your tax bill, create time savings and more.

We will work with you to develop strategy, we then implement and provide the proactive tools needed, and we review and revise your cash flow strategy as take place throughout your life. We request you spend either a few minutes each week or ½ hour each month to maintain your cash management program.

By working with Open Range to develop Cash Flow strategies, you not only have the opportunity to enhance your current financial position, but there can also be an important emotional benefit to getting your budget and cash flows under control.

By understanding exactly where your money is being spent, you empower yourself, and your family to take control of your financial life. In many families, misunderstandings over money issues can cause friction; having access to a Team of strategists and tools that can create, organize, implement and simplify Cash Flow management can help reduce this tension.

Through the use of our dynamic, Financial Planning tool – eMoney – our Team provides you real-time access to your insurance, estate planning, investment, cash flow, retirement, education 24/7 – online and updated daily!

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