Your Family CFO

At Open Range Financial Group, we believe that wealth doesn't make life simpler—it makes it more complex. A chief financial officer for your family can assist with simplifying the financial process so that together we can protect and grow your money. Just like a business has a CFO, your family has a CFO who shares the responsibility of managing all the aspects of your financial life. Open Range Financial Group fills that role for you and your family.

We provide comprehensive insurance and legacy planning, as well as strategies for investments, cash flow, retirement, education and business—all integrated into your life and based upon your specific goals.

The Family CFO Relationship

At every stage, the Family CFO relationship is based on your needs and situation. A typical relationship would encompass these steps:

Initial meeting

  • We sit down together and you explain what you would like your life to look like and what you want your assets to do for you. We answer any questions you have about our services.

Initial Recommendations

  • If you decide our Family CFO services fit your needs, we will develop a written summary of initial recommendations and strategies.


  • If our recommendations make sense to you, we then implement some or all of the strategies. We meet regularly as needed, until we have all the i's dotted and t's crossed.

Ongoing Meetings

  • After we've designed and implemented your plan, we will generally meet with you on a semiannual or quarterly basis (more often if you desire) to refine and revise strategies as you move through life.

Our Family CFO services Include:

  • Financial Goal Planning
    • Retirement
    • Education
  • Asset Management
    • Investment strategies
    • Fact / logic-based portfolios
    • 401(k) employer retirement plans
    • Bond portfolio development
  • Risk and Insurance Planning / Legacy Planning
  • Tax Efficient Investing
  • We will work with your attorney on Estate and charitable planning

If our Family CFO services seem like they may be a fit for your needs, please contact Open Range Financial Group today to move forward.

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